Better Sex with Better Foreplay

sexy foreplay

Our resident Sex Expert Dr. Annie Bliss says that foreplay is really important for a healthy sex life. It does not only help us to relax but it also turns us on. We should all make more of an effort to incorporate foreplay into our sex lives according to our panel of london escorts here at the Better Sex guide.

Some sex experts and london escorts claim foreplay is not that important to men but Dr Annie Bliss does not agree, and neither do London escorts which help out in here from time to time.

Both parties stress that we often ignore foreplay, and have a bad habit of rushing intercourse. Rushed sex or intercourse is never good, and we really must be prepared to make foreplay a part of our long term relationships.

We decided to ask two escorts why they think foreplay is important, and what you can do during foreplay.


The best sex probably happens on Sunday morning says one of our best London escorts agency. People are more relaxed, and you can wake up together and just enjoy touching each other. Sunday morning sex is an important part of my love life, and makes me feel really close to my husband.

It is really important to have that special time to touch and just experience how another person reacts to you. You become more aware of your own body as well, and you may even appreciate why Marvin Gaye sun about Sexual healing.

Touching and sensuality are very close to one another, and they can lead to better intimacy and an understanding of each others physical needs.

Foreplay can mean different things

Foreplay does not need to happen in the bedroom. It can happen wherever you like it. Some people like to have a shower together and this can be a very sexy experience. You can use some nice scented shower gel and wash each other off.

“Toweling off somebody can be fun as well” shouts one of the London escorts who is visiting the offices today. Dr Annie Bliss nods in agreement. She points out that foreplay can be many different things and may not seem like sex at all. However, they may still turn us on and make us want to have sex.

Having fun in the bath is another option. Sometimes it is just nice to be able to crawl into the bath with somebody, and enjoy a nice glass of wine with some scented candles on the side.

Sexing Each Other Up

Escorts in London say that men get “sexed up” or turned on quicker than women, but they really need to take their time.” A man with slow hand is better than one with a big dick”, says Tittiana Nilsson. All the girls laugh and nod in agreement.

Well, that is probably very true. Most of us ladies do like a man with a slow hand, as we don’t like being rushed. It is interesting to note that all of the london escorts visiting the offices today are from all over the world, and they are all in agreement. Foreplay is important in a living relationship, and should never be underestimated.