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Foreplay seems to have fallen by the wayside recently. We seem to be making less and less time for foreplay in our love lives. Foreplay is something that starts way before we get into the bedroom. The problem is, says Sara from London escorts, people just seem to be too tired to make love properly these days. They are busy with a million to one things after they come home from work. I know myself, she says, when I come home from London escorts services I have a lot of things to do. The dogs have to be walked and the dinner has to be cooked.

Life isn’t easy just because you work for cheap London escorts services, emphasises Sara. Most people think that I have this really amazing lifestyle just because I work for London escorts services, but it isn’t true. I am just like any other working woman in Britain today. The kids need attention and I like to keep fit as well. Sometimes I feel that I am just trying to do everything and things can get on top of me, Sara says. It is almost like my day never ends and that can be a real strain.

We have a huge mortgage that we need to pay. Yes, I do earn good money working for London escorts services, but it is very expensive to live in London. My husband is a SEO expert and works from home which is kind of good. He is there should there be a problem with the kids. Even though when I finished my shift at London escorts services, I do have a lot to do. My husband needs to get on with his job so he can’t run around with the hoover all the time. You really do need to dedicate some time looking after the home.

Shopping takes time as well. Feeding a family is not cheap so once a week I do a big shop in Aldi after having finished work at London escorts services. That means I have to combat London traffic and that can take a long time. When I come home I feel that I have done another day’s work and can barely muster putting a pizza on the table. Also sometimes I have to work late for London escorts services when we are really busy. Now that, really interferes with family life, says Sara with a smile.

Our sex life isn’t what it used to be. I am exhausted after having worked at London escorts services, and sometimes I fall asleep on the sofa. London escorts work really hard and you always have to look your best, that can be tiring as well. Most London escorts with families probably feel a bit like me. Foreplay – what is that about? Our love making is now quick ten minutes affairs and I miss the old us with lazy Sunday mornings. Hopefully the mortgage should be paid off in two years time. Then, we should hopefully have sometime for more foreplay.