Hot Steamy Foreplay Tips

Foreplay is all about building anticipation. When you’re looking forward to something pleasurable or exciting, the body and mind holds those sensations the whole day while you are waiting. This builds up excitement of what is to come and the senses all over the body becomes more sensitive than normal. So if you’re looking for ways to fire up your foreplay, here are some hot smoldering tips.

1. Foreplay can start 5 minutes before sex but for those looking for truly passionate and exhilarating night, try initiating it hours before bedtime. Start with naughty text messages, or by leaving a love note or red rose on her desk. Take flirting to the next level with seductive messages on the phone. All these can send the message and create anticipation between the waiting time and sex.

2. Lay together and breathe. Be one with your partner. It can be hard to decipher how this works completely but it can start with synchronized breathing and motion. Try to listen to the sound of your partner’s breathing and move in time with it. Syncronize your movements so that you are pulsing together.

3. Lightly and gently touch sensitive erogenous zones. Many people forget one place that can truly trigger erotic signals all over her body – behind the ears. Stroke and tease this area behind the ears and earlobes. Start there and trace kisses down your partner’s neck. Some people are highly sensitive in these areas, and even just breathing close to the skin of the nape of the neck can cause goose bumps and tingly thighs. Arouse her with sweet kisses and lustful tongue movements around her neck and ears. The inner thighs and the area behind the knees are also sensitive zones. Touch and stroke the thighs with light pressure and smother these areas with kisses, too. Just be careful not to bite because even with the smallest degree of pain, it can trigger a reflex action.

4. Use blindfolds. When one of our senses is shut down, the others seem to magically gain superpowers. A blindfold session can take you and your partner to new levels of sensations. Either one can be blindfolded, or both of you can do it. It allows you to focus on sounds and your sense of touch, slowly and sensually feeling each other’s responses.

5. Experiment with new sensations. Our bodies respond differently to various sensations. Try blindfolding your partner and make use of feathers, ice, and other textures and temperatures to induce body response on sensitive areas. You can also take sweet dessert and some chocolate syrup on bed. Heightened sensations during foreplay can bring out intense and intimate sex. Visit at city of eve for more pleasure.

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